Terms & Conditions

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ are agreed to by the advertiser (client) as a condition of Fresh Collaboration, LLC’s services.

  1. Fresh Collaboration reserves the right to refuse or cancel an advertising client at any time.
  2. Fresh Collaboration may provide tracking phone numbers and call recording within campaigns to better optimize campaigns performance.
  3. Once a contract is signed, it will automatically renew monthly and a 30 day written notice is required from the advertiser (client) to terminate the contract.
  4. If a campaign reaches it maximum budget or the advertiser (client) is behind on payment, the campaign may be paused or terminated at any time.
  5. Fresh Collaboration makes no guarantees to the level of activity, sales, results, or other performance metrics that the advertiser (client) will receive from the marketing campaigns.
  6. Any information provided by the advertiser (client), shall be accurate information that the advertiser has the legal right to use.
  7. Involving third party publishers such as, but not limited to, Google, Yahoo & Bing, Fresh Collaboration is limited to their rules and regulations.
  8. If an advertiser (client) offers any services, products or materials that are unlawful or objectionable, advertiser agrees that Fresh Collaboration has no liability for any damages or claims.
  9. Client is ultimately responsible for all content on their website, social media, blogs and other marketing outlets.
  10. The State of Tennessee’s laws will govern the validity and enforcement of all Fresh Collaboration’s contract without giving effect to principles of conflicts of laws. Venue for any legal proceedings between the parties arising out of this contract shall be exclusively in the state or federal courts of Tennessee and such courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any such proceedings.

Terms and Conditions could be updated at any time, so this webpage will serve as the most up-to-date source for Fresh Collaboration’s terms.



Last updated March 2016.