Making Your Marketing Count

Decades ago I founded my first business. It was a small business, really a one man or should I say one women shop. Like any other business owner, I had high hopes and dreams for my business. I worked hard on finding the right location, perfecting my product, providing superior service and creating the best advertising within my resources. It was a short-lived business, but I have no doubt you couldn’t have found a prouder seven year old with a better lemonade stand.

As a business owner today, I know that you too have a lot of hopes and dreams for your business. The same entrepreneurial spirit that I had as a seven year old has developed into a unique passion for helping other businesses grow and meet their goals.

I often hear from clients that in the past they’ve been served more lemons than lemonade with their marketing. I know that your marketing dollars are important. They represent dreams for your business, personal vacations, the opportunity to hire a new team member and more. It’s important that you get a strong return on your investment with your marketing.

If you’re looking for where to start with your marketing, you should start with the lowest hanging fruit. “Ask yourself, where are my consumers located….you know…the ones that already know they have a need for my services and are ready to buy today!”

The Internet is the #1 tool people use when looking for a local business. For almost any company, search engine marketing is where I recommend you begin. If you need help with a strategy or management, reach out to a partner or agency that can help you, such as Fresh Collaboration. Digital marketing is too important to not do it properly!

It’s time to add sugar and water to any past marketing lemons and experience a refreshing glass of lemonade with online marketing.

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