Integrated Online Marketing

There’s a special formula that’s used with all hit TV shows when it comes to character development. The formula includes having one character, one personality that everyone can relate to. Take the show “Friends,” for example.

First you have Rachel Green, whop lays the cute, girl-next-door who is everyone’s best friend. Then you have Joey Tribbiani, the Italian-stallion actor who’s all about the ladies and having fun, but not too bright. Phoebe Buffay is the eccentric, free-spirit musician who dances to her own drum. Ross Geller who is the academic, geeky friend who often has trouble with love and is the brother of my favorite character, Monica Geller. Monica, with an ugly duckling background, has an extremely competitive personality and neurotic mannerisms. Finally, you have Chandler Bing, the go-with-the-flow guy, with a sarcastic sense of humor.

You don’t have to be in your twenties and living in New York to relate to the show. Though each of these characters have their strengths individually, what makes them great as a group and as a TV show is what you get when you bring them all together: each one adding their uniqueness while complementing their other friends’ needs. This is what makes the show not just entertaining but also unforgettable.

The same is true when it comes to your online marketing. Each product is important and has its own strengths. However, there can still be holes that the other products fill. If you want to have the most effective marketing campaign, then it really takes all of these items working together.

You must have an effective website that converts web visits to customers before you invest largely in paid search or search engine optimization. Social media allows you to connect with you customers and build long-term relationships, where as search engine marketing or online display branding allow for quick direct response.

Having a cohesive and synergistic marketing campaign that supports your business strategy and goals is key. I believe that almost any type of marketing can be effective; it’s just that some are more effective than others. If you learn the basics, have a clear direction for your marketing and brand, and have an integrated plan, then great results are closer than you know for your business.

There’s no magic bullet or quick-fix answer with marketing. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and don’t think of a campaign’s failure as the absence of success. Often times failure is needed in order to take the steps that make you a success.

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