The Importance of Brand Consistency

Branding is a vital part of marketing for any company. No matter what product or service you offer, your brand tells people who you are, what you will do for them, and what makes you different from competing companies. Yet some brands work better than others, and you may wonder, what is their secret?

In truth, these brands don’t have a complicated secret. The key to a good brand is consistency. There are several ways to make your brand consistent, and all of them will help you keep existing clients and draw in new ones.

Think big.

A brand is much more than just a logo. A brand can be a name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of any of these. This includes everything from your website to your social media to your print ads to internal communication to even the decorations and furniture in your business. Team members are also brand ambassadors. How they answer the phone or speak with customers is a reflection of the company.

Ask clients’ opinions.

The most important part of your business is the clients, so you need to know what they want. Ask their opinions often, using everything from surveys to casual conversations in your building. You will build relationships and learn how perceptions of your brand may change over time.

Be intentional.

Some companies ignore their branding or change it frequently. Both of these strategies are mistakes. If you ignore your brand, clients won’t know who you are or what your product is. If you change it too often, clients will be confused and frustrated. Once you’ve chosen your logo and messages, find a solid way to get them across and stick to it.

Avoid confusion. 

It’s important that your company has a consistent voice and brand so that customers are not confused. A consistent business name is critical. Not only does it help you with search engines, but also it is essential for long-term customers. Additionally, colors, imagery, the tone of text, all of these items should be consistent in your marketing.

Be coherent for all locations.

Though there can be unique marketing elements for different locations for a business, overall the brand should be the same. If a customer uses your business’s service at location one, then they should expect a similar brand experience at location two.  Remember, consistency builds on past successes and denotes purpose and professionalism in the market.


A good brand is built overtime with steadfast implementation. The more consistent the brand, the stronger it will be. If you need help with your online brand, please contact us by clicking here.