10 Ways To Guarantee a Website that Stinks!

Several of the websites in existence, including professional ones, often stink when it comes to producing results! Though websites are an informational tool for businesses, they should also convert web visitors into clients. A recent study found that on average websites convert at a 3 – 10% rate based on the industry.

Most websites do a good job talking about themselves, but fail on the following dimensions:

1. The website doesn’t give the visitor a compelling reason to give their contact information.

2. The website focuses on anybody with a pulse, instead of on a specific target market.

3. The headlines and copy fail to generate interest and curiosity.

4. Nothing distinguishes the business from the competition – at least not in a significant way.

5. Tedious product descriptions and technical specifications overshadow any discussion of results for the client.

6. The website is impersonal, forgetting that people buy from people, not firms.

7. Flash, video and other graphics take too long to load and overwhelm the copy.

8. The website doesn’t establish credibility, because it fails to offer information that the prospect cares about.

9. Links that don’t open as new windows let the prospect escape to other websites and never come back.

10. There are no case studies or testimonials from opinion leaders or delighted customers.

If you’re struggling to make your website produce results, than review this list. Chances are there is more than one item on it you can change to correct your online path.